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What Customer are Saying 

"Debbie, I want to tell you and your co-workers what a wonderful job they did on our new home. The work was done neatly, professionally and it works very well. I was a little worried, as I have seen other radon projects, but we were very happy and satisfied. My business is in the environmental field and I will certainly recommend your company." 

                                                                                                -Cindy (3/28/13) 

About Radon Pros, LLC   

Radon Pros, LLC not only understands how to reduce radon levels, but also how to make a mitigation system "fit in" with your home or building. Our team is locally and nationally certified as radon mitigation and measurement specialists. In addition, our team has diverse backgrounds in civil engineering, real estate, construction, electrical, and craftsmanship - which make us uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our clients. 


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About Radon 


What's The Big Deal With Radon? 

OK, so you've heard about radon. It's a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It's odorless, tasteless, and you can't see it. It's produced by the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil. It enters homes and buildings through cracks and openings in the foundation or floor slab. But what's the big deal? Why do homeowners want to know if their homes may have high radon levels? Isn't this just one more thing that homeowners, realtors, buyers and sellers have to deal with nowadays? >> Read More  



Radon and Realtors - Something to think about 

Many Realtors would rather not mention or even think about radon gas, but real estate professionals can play a key role in Nebraska's efforts to reduce the risk of exposure to radon gas. Realtors, if they choose to, have the opportunity to inform and educate their clients, just as they would help familiarize their clients with the lending and home inspection processes. >> Read More  

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